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Being an entrepreneur and real estate investor with 2 kids, I have very little time to sit down and work with taxes or even preparing the documents in proper time and make payroll, but Tony, Irina and the other tax professionals at Eco-Tax has been fabulous making that happen. They have a great can-do attitude and take care of things on-time and are always very helpful. In addition I really like their tax-portal making transfer of big documents a breeze. Not to quote State Farm but when I feel I am in good hands with Eco-Tax!

                                         Peter Helander
When you need professional, dependable, customer-service oriented, and efficient tax and accounting firm, Eco-Tax is the way to go!
Michael P.
Information is concise and prompt, questions answered and everyone is very helpful, patient, knowledgeable and expedient. Thank you.
Paul J.
Can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you. These products and services were so helpful. To be truthful, I've been so disappointed in other programs, I wasn't expecting much better from you...boy was I wrong. This is wonderful. I have two friends I want to recommend to you immediately. Thanks again!
Terry C.
Everyone at Eco-Tax has treated me very well professionally and I feel that in the future i can feel safe in their guidance while pursuing my new business adventure. Best Regards.
Marcy M.
I found Eco-Tax, Inc. through one of my business affiliations. After being an independent contractor for years, Eco-Tax showed me the benefits of incorporating my business and saving tax dollars. The process has been simple and the benefits have been numerous. Eco-Tax has helped me to keep better records throughout the year in order to be prepared at tax time. I also utilize Eco-Tax's payroll service.....the associates are customer service oriented and make it easy for me to customize my payroll. From time to time I have had questions regarding my tax consequences and the tax pro's there have been responsive and effective with their accounting and tax advice. With the challenges I face in my day to day business, it is reassuring that I have an entire team of professionals working on my behalf for my accounting and tax planning needs.
Connie B.