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Tax Resolution Services

Find Tax Debt Relief with Eco-Tax

Our experienced team of licensed professionals can provide you with a customized tax debt relief strategy, as well as full representation with the IRS and all 50 states, whether you are an individual taxpayer, contractor, business owner, or self-employed.

Tax Resolution Experts

Are you struggling to find a way to resolve your tax issues?

We’ve helped individuals and businesses over the last two decades resolve their tax problems, and we’ll do the same for you. We provide a wide range of solutions to assist you with your tax issues, and we’ll lead you through the process step by step.


Being audited is never simple, and if you are not well-prepared, it can be very stressful. We are here to help.


It can be extremely stressful to have unpaid overdue taxes. Our team of back tax specialists helps your taxes get back on track.


Have you accumulated years of unfiled returns? The best time to catch up is right now.Get caught up with our help.


If you filed your taxes late or failed to make a timely payment, we can effectively negotiate with the IRS to have penalties taken off your account.


When the IRS claims that an individual or a company owes more money than they actually do, we can help.


If you have received notice that a tax lien or levy is being taken against you must act quickly or you can lose your assets. 

Tax Resolution Free Consultation

Step 1

Free Consultation

First, receive a free consultation. During this meeting we can answer your tax debt-related questions. We also want to learn more about you and the challenges you are facing. Instead of a salesperson, you’ll speak to a qualified, licensed tax professional to learn about your alternatives for handling your tax debt and to get a sense of where you stand.

tax resolution investigation

step 2


One of the most important steps in the process is our in-depth investigation of your tax debt. We will need you to sign a Power of Attorney to send to tax agencies. This will provide some immediate relief since your tax professional can serve as the go- between you and the IRS and/or state tax agencies. You won’t ever have to worry about dealing with them alone.

erc services

Step 3

Resolve Tax Debt

Once all returns have been filed and the extent of the tax liability is known, the issue may finally be resolved. Your dedicated tax specialists will create and implement a plan to achieve the greatest results in the settlement of your tax debt. We assist you in making sense of a challenging tax circumstance so you may proceed with the resolution more swiftly.

Why choose us

Committed to helping you to find the best tax resolution.

We will make every effort to rapidly resolve your issue and provide you with relief from your tax debt. Until your tax issue is fully resolved, our job isn’t done.

Years Of Experience

Eco-Tax has helped clients with their taxes all around the country for over 20 Years. Therefore, if you need help audit, unpaid taxes, liens, or other issues relating to taxes, we are a great option. Every day, we deal directly with the IRS and other taxing authorities, so it’s probable that we’ve handled numerous situations just like yours.

Qualified Tax Pros

We have a team of professionals, including CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and other specialists, to give you practical solutions. They’ll immediately start working on a plan to manage, reduce, or even eliminate your tax liability. They are highly skilled and experienced IRS negotiators with years of combined expertise that they can draw upon.

Customized Solutions

We’ll never push a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we’ll always customize our solutions to your particular situation. We collaborate with clients nationwide to provide specialized, useful solutions to a wide range of tax issues.

 Supportive Staff

 As soon as you begin working with us, we’ll handle all communication with the IRS, your creditors, and other tax authorities so you can get relief. Step by step, our experts will guide you through the process of addressing your tax problems, and we’ll be there to you whenever you need us.

No Hidden Costs

When working with Eco-Tax, you’ll speak with competent tax experts that have a wealth of knowledge, can clearly outline the necessary actions, and can let you know upfront what the associated expenses will be.

Easy And Secure

We are aware that the security of your personal and financial data is important to you and have put in place stringent data protection safeguards. Our Portal offers a quick and safe way to store and exchange documents with your tax advisor. The securely submit documents from your smartphone using our Mobile App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help with a question? Click below to see if we’ve already answered it. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please fill-out the form below to submit a question and request a free consultation.

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An Eco-Tax advisor will help determine your eligibility and provide guidance to help you get tax releif.

    Why small business owners love working with Eco-Tax
    • We appreciate all the attention to detail, willingness to answer any questions, dedication to our business, their expertise and knowledge. They are a key part of our success.

      Claudia Fierro-Poppen, Owner - Ommie Snacks
    • Eco-Tax has been an excellent fit for my company. The online model and upfront pricing makes planning easy. I have nothing but the best to say about their service.  

      Matt, Owner - Winery
    • My business management has become infinitely less complicated, and I have more time to focus on my products and customers. Highly recommend the Eco-Tax team!

      Megan, Owner

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