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ECO-TAX, INC. is a full service internet driven, Tax, Accounting and Financial Firm, that tailors to Individuals and Small Business Owners nationwide. With over 30 years experience we provide an economical, eco-friendly, and unique approach to our clients and their business, by providing a customized one stop shop for all your individual finance and business needs.

Our CPA's, EA's, Accredited Tax Advisors and Financial Advisors specialize in strategic, financial and tax consulting needs for the individual and small business owner. We have positioned our firm as a leader in the tax and accounting industry because we understand the need of proactive and purposeful client service in addition to providing knowledgeable individual finance, tax and small business expertise.

Unlike other tax preparation firms, Eco-Tax promotes constant communication between the client and the Personal Tax and Business Advisor, without the hefty price tag. For a minimum monthly payment, our clients will gain a greater awareness and an unmatched educational experience. Being able to go online at any time from anywhere for easy access to a bounty of tailored individual and business information or to pick up the phone and speak with a Personal Tax and Business Advisor is a commodity we feel is essential to our clients' success.

Our clients are given access to our "Members Only" portal, that is full of continually updated information that is useful both the working individual and experienced business owner. We keep our clients informed of the latest tax law changes and provide strategies that help businesses take advantage of these changes. Clients can initiate queries and obtain instant answers to questions that have troubled other working individuals and small business owners in their similar situation or industry, thus avoiding issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Eco-Tax is finally making professional tax and accounting services affordable to the working individual and small business owner. It's the duty of the taxpayer to pay taxes on income generated and it's the duty of Eco-Tax to make sure you don't pay more than is necessary. It's our hope that every working individual and business owner who utilizes our service obtains a better understanding of the complexities of individual and small business finances so they feel confident about the state of their personal financies or business . Good business demands great knowledge. Join Eco-Tax today to gain the knowledge you deserve.

Eco-Tax is Eco-Friendly. We have built our business in a virtual environment in which our company and our clients can work together in a paperless environment reducing the waste of paper in client to accountant fulfillment. In our workings together we will use various electronic applications so together we can lower our carbon footprint.

Eco-Tax, Inc.

Thank you for taking the time learn about our company. At Eco-Tax, we have assisted thousands of working individuals, self-employed and small business owners. If you would like to further discover how we might be able to help you, please give us a call for a free consultation.